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    • New $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal pleases truckers; human infrastructure ahead

      As expected, a bipartisan framework for a $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal was reached by a group of 20 or so senators—enough to entice at least 10 Republicans when it comes for a vote in the full Senate. kwho@ehpub.com

    • MIT’s Supply Chain Sustainability Report features KPMG insights

      The report’s authors had expected COVID-19 might dampen companies’ enthusiasm for investing in SCS, but the latest survey shows the opposite occurred. kwho@ehpub.com

    • STB addresses Class I railroad CEOs regarding international intermodal supply chain issues

      In the letter, Oberman expressed his concern regarding persistent problems with congestion in the international supply chain, as well as significant container storage fees shippers are being required to pay in order to receive their containers. kwho@ehpub.com

    • UPS posts solid second quarter earnings results

      Quarterly revenue—at $23.4 billion—increased 14.5% annually, and adjusted earnings per share—at $3.06—saw a 43.7% annual gain, topping Wall Street expectations of $2.81. Operating profit—at $3.258 billion—rose 47.3%. kwho@ehpub.com

    • June intermodal volumes see solid gains, reports IANA

      Total June shipments—at 1,585,111—rose 12.0% annually, below May’s 22.4% annual gain, to 1,616,620 units. kwho@ehpub.com

    • National diesel average dips after 12 weeks of gains

      The national average—at $3.342 per gallon—dipped $0.002 cents, following the week ending July 19, at $3.344, the week ending July 12, at $3.388, and the week ending July 5, at $3.331. kwho@ehpub.com

    • Surprise….infrastructure talks hit a snag

      It is somewhat hard to believe, at least sometimes, that good ideas and plans end up in the trash can. In this case, the good ideas and plans are the momentum we have, or had, in recent weeks, was the momentum building up for a new national infrastructure plan. Well, fast forwarding a few weeks later, it now looks more and more like we may once again be witnessing the interminable game of political football, or simply just kicking the can down thew road…again. kwho@ehpub.com

    • 5 Last-Mile Trends to Have on Your Radar

      Keeping your business successful in the last mile involves paying attention to what constitutes a triumphant last-mile experience and what differentiates the leaders from the laggards. kwho@ehpub.com