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  • Shipping Rates and Freight Classification

    Less than Truckload (LTL) shipping is for freight shipments from 100 to 20000 pounds.  There are many factors that a carrier uses to determine a shipment rate including where the shipment is picking up from and delivering to, type of shipping locations (business, residential, show etc.) the weight, size, additional services needed (appointment, lift gate, etc.), space in that lane, etc. Many years ago, the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) created a freight classification system to assist in standardizing some aspects of freight pricing for all products and carriers.  The tariff is referred to as the NMFC and is used by most carriers.

  • Basis for freight classes

    Shipments shipped as LTL are typically rated on a per hundred pound basis (per CWT) and under the NMFC fall into one of a total of 18 classes ranging from Class 50 to Class 500.  As a general rule, the lower the class the lower the rate and vice versa. A freight class is determined by the combination of weight, value, density, likelihood of damage and ease of moving.  All items have been classified in the NMFC tariff and is used by all carriers as an industry standard.  When determining your freight class be as specific and accurate as possible in your description to avoid extra shipping costs.  Your freight class will be one of the items used by the carrier to determine your total shipping cost.

    Gateway Transport Inc. maintains a monthly subscription to the NMFC tariff and the staff here is available to assist you with determining the class of your shipment for a freight quote and to make sure your bill of lading describes your shipment properly.  

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