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    • E-commerce driving surge in ‘final mile’ deliveries, but who does it the best?

      With e-commerce growing at the rate of more than 15% annually, logisticians have been studying the best way to deliver all these home deliveries faster and cheaper than ever. johnschulz@peerlessmedia.com

    • USPS set to make changes to its dimensional weight rules

      Effective June 23, the United States Postal Service (USPS) will formally make a change in how it implements its dimensional weight rules. This will be done through lowering the dimensional divisor to 166 from its current level of 194, which is in line with the 139 dimensional divisor used by the parcel duopoly of UPS and FedEx. johnschulz@peerlessmedia.com

    • AAR reports annual carload and intermodal declines for week ending June 15

      Rail carloads, at 257,385, were down 4.6% annually, and intermodal containers and trailers, at 270,604, fell 6.2%. johnschulz@peerlessmedia.com

    • New president and CEO of AAPA named

      In the wake on intense executive recruitment search, the American Association of Port Authorities has opted to name a former ocean carrier executive to become its next president and CEO. johnschulz@peerlessmedia.com

    • Uber Freight issues Facility Insights Report

      Uber Freight’s Facility Insights Report is based on data culled since the beginning of 2019, with the company saying it illustrates facility trends and provides specific insight into how carriers and drivers engage with facilities at national and regional levels. johnschulz@peerlessmedia.com

    • U.S. ports urge end to trade tensions with China

      Kurt Nagle, AAPA’s President and Chief Executive Officer, is concerned about the overall impact of additional Chinese tariffs on port-related jobs, johnschulz@peerlessmedia.com

    • Shopify Fulfillment Network aims to help U.S. merchants handle logistics pain points

      Ottawa-based Shopify, a multi-channel commerce platform, said this week it has introduced a fulfillment network, entitled the Shopify Fulfillment Network. Company officials said that this network “will provide United States-base merchants with a network of distributed fulfillment centers, coupled with machine learning to ensure timely deliveries and lower shipping costs, putting their brand and customer experience front and center.” johnschulz@peerlessmedia.com

    • CBRE research shows ongoing demand leads construction of new warehouses

      CBRE reported that there is more than 255 million square-feet of warehouse space under construction, with 70.2% of it being speculative. What’s more, CBRE said that based on data issued by CBRE Econometric Advisors, going back to 2015, warehouse demand has outpaced new construction completions by 169 million square-feet, with rents up 19.2% over that same period. johnschulz@peerlessmedia.com