• Gateway Transport News Update

    LTL carriers welcome pending 33 foot trailers

    If passed by the US Congress, new transportation standards would significantly improve industry productivity in exchange for toughening equipment and driver training standards. The result will allow LTL carriers up to 18% greater productivity. According to the American Trucking Association the use of two twin 33 foot trailers would improve capacity and safety while not increasing truck weights. [...]

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    Shippers protest new NMFC proposed rules

    A recent proposed ruling by the autonomous NMFTA board to require binding arbitration in freight claims and billing disputes is being protested by a major shippers group. The NMFC is a standard guide used by truckers to establish commodity classifications, as well as various rates and practices followed by most motor carriers. At this time shippers have not heard if the Commodity Classification [...]

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    New rules on concealed damage claims

    There are some important changes that have been made to the NMFC regarding guidelines for filing and investigating damage claims.  The time period for reporting concealed damages is being reduced to five business days.  The closer to the time of delivery that the damage is reported to the carrier the more likely although not guaranteed that the claimant is to receive some type of settlement [...]

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