• Partial Truckload

  • Less handling - on time delivery - reduced costs

    If  you don't have enough freight for a full truck load, but have a shipment between six to eighteen pallets weighing 5000 to 25000 pounds, our partial truckload service may be an excellent shipping solution for your company.  It offers the benefits of less handling, on time delivery time and potentially lower freight costs. 

    You pay for the portion of the size and weight of the trailer that you use. Each shipment requires a custom quote that includes date of shipment, size and weight, and any additional accessorial requirements.

    Partial Truckload by LTL Carriers

    This service uses the eighteen major LTL carriers we represent.  These carriers are sometimes looking for volume freight shipments on certain lanes at certain times to balance out their networks.  The benefit to the carrier is to fill out the space they have on a trailer while offering our customer the benefit of a good delivery time with a cost saving.

    Partial Truckload by Partial Truckload Carriers

    This service uses several partial truckload carriers that we represent.  These carriers load the freight so that it stays on one truck for the duration of its transit until final delivery.  Not stopping at several distribution terminals along the way leads to less handling and faster delivery times while offering savings over the standard LTL pricing program.